Battery Backup Solutions

With the ongoing and unlikely-to-end-soon load-shedding in South Africa, criminals are taking advantage because many security systems, especially CCTV Surveillance may be offline.  Make sure your stay safe, even when the lights go out.

Battery backup is a critical component in a security system as it helps to ensure that the system continues to operate even in the event of a power outage. Depending on the size and configuration of the system installed would determine what solution we propose.

It has become very apparent that sealed lead acid batteries are not made for load-shedding.  They last a short while but once they have run flat once, they never properly charge up again and then become nothing more useful than a door stop.

In alarm systems, typically replacing the standard lead-acid battery with a lithium battery does the trick. Lithium batteries don’t deteriorate at the same rate as sealed lead acid or gel batteries and recharge much quicker.  For residential motorised gates, replacing the battery with lithium battery is usually sufficient.  If the gates are used very frequently, larger, external backup solutions may be required.

For electric fencing energisers as well as fire detection solutions, again, a lithium battery replacement should be sufficient for “normal” use.

CCTV Surveillance systems, however, unfortunately don’t typically have battery backup up solutions as a standard. If you are doing an “all analogue” CCTV system, then a large power supply such as 5Amp which has an 18aH gel battery should be sufficient for a smaller system – but important to remember that your router also needs to be powered to remote view your cameras and if you’re using a monitor, then this also won’t work as a monitor can’t be linked to this system.

With IP Cameras, you require a switch or even point-to-point access points and these are typically not 12V to straight backup with battery. So in most instances we’d recommend a 12V / 100aH Gel battery with an inverter and charger. Book a consultation today to get the right information and recommendations to keep your security system online 24/7.

Regardless of which solution is ultimately used, it is important to regularly check and maintain your batteries and backup solutions to ensure that it is working properly and can provide adequate backup in the event of a power outage.

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