Many of the systems we supply, install and service run on a TCP/IP network including IP based CCTV Solutions, Access Control and Time & Attendance solutions and IP Intercom solutions.

Thus the importance to ensure the network installed to manage these systems works well, has sufficient capacity and remains up as much as possible. 

Solutions we offer include:

  • Wired TCP/IP Solutions: This is similar to the data network you may be used to in your office using a combination of CAT5e or CAT6 cable and network switches. Switch selection is especially important when designing a network for the use of IP cameras. It is preferable that the switches are POE (Power Over Ethernet) enabled and have both enough bandwidth availability (preferably 10/100/1000 (gigabit)) to manage your entire system.
  • Wireless Solutions: A hard-wired network will always take preference over wireless but the costs need to be calculated carefully to see what is would be the best overall solution. We offer a range of products depending on the solution required.
  • Fiber Optic: Optic fibre installations are typically used when the distance required between two or more points exceed a certain distance. Fibre optics is a very fast and reliable form of communication and does not experience the same type of “interference” problems which could possibly occur with copper (CAT5) or wireless solutions. The cost of fiber installations however are usually quite a bit higher.

Taking the all the above into consideration and looking at your current and future requirements, we will design, install and maintain your security network accurately.

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