Electric Fence

Your perimeter is where your security starts. If there is a gap or a weak spot, it will be exploited. Fencing not only enhances your security but if done correctly can increase your overall appearance of your premises. We work closely with the best in the business to ensure the best product is prescribed depending on your needs, risk profile and budget.

We are able to offer the following type of fencing solutions:

  • Standard Palisade (powder coated or galvanized)
  • Steel Palisade fencing
  • Bar Fencing and Balustrades
  • Razor Wire / Ribbon fencing
  • Steel and security gates in a variety of finishes from powder coated, galvanised and stainless steel.
  • Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing: 
Electric fencing take mainly 4 specific formats: For security, for game, for agriculture and for pet & equine.

Security Electric Fence:
An electric fence acts as a 24-hour patrolman, patrolling the entire area constantly and does not need to be switched on or off like conventional alarm systems. It’s always on – even when your power goes out. This is your first line of defense. It acts as both a deterrent to potential intruders and an early warning system to you. It can also reduce the number of physical security guards you may require on a site as patrolling would be minimalised. Electric fencing has many different components to consider. The most common components to consider are the type of wire (stainless steel, aluminum, glavanised, stranded or braided), the type or size of energizer and other smaller components such as isolators, tensioners and alarms etc. can all affect both the aesthetics, cost and overall performance of your fence.

Game Electric Fence:
If you have a requirement to keep either your prized game in a certain area, keep other predators out of an area or assist to keep poachers at bay, game electric fencing will go a far way in assisting with this.

Agriculture, Pet and Equine Fencing:
Manufacturers have developed specific products for agriculture such as pasture fencing and animal control as well as specialised products for pets to keep them out of your garden or away from certain areas. There’s also a range which exists for keeping your horses safe and secure.

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